Semi Truck Accident Settlement

Claim on Interstate Semi Truck Accident Settlement

Semi Truck Accident Settlement Typestrucks.Com Already know semi truck accident settlement calculator? Or want know average semi truck accident settlement?

There are more than 9 million large trucks registered in the United States that drive more than 226 billion miles a year on interstate highways and streets. Mostly of accident is ended by a semi truck accident settlement.

Because of the pressure and deadline of the truck drivers face, they often keep driving even when tired, sick, or distracted, putting themselves and others at risk. Due to its difficulty, having truck accident settlements and verdicts are hard to count. But, how much you will get paid if a 18 wheeler hit you?

Semi Truck Accident Settlement

Danger of Fatal Interstate Accidents

Large truck drivers account for 5% of all registered vehicles, but drive 15% of total US miles per year. If this happens, the consequences can be fatal for these people, other vehicles or just walking nearby. Even difficult for semi truck accident settlement.

According to the Institute for Highway Safety:

• 96% of deaths in collisions involving large trucks.
• In 2018, 2,786 people died in accidents involving large trucks.
• 84% of truck-related deaths are passengers or pedestrians; only 16% are drivers of large trucks.

It is understood that other drivers and passengers who are unlucky enough to collide with these large trucks (pick-up trucks, semi-trailers, large trucks, etc.) suffer the most. The size and weight of these trucks make them deadly in any accident, and the semi truck accident calculator won’t help this.

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Interstate Truck Accident Cause

Semi Truck Accident Settlement

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have joined forces to determine the cause, as well as the truck accident settlement.

They took a national sample of nearly 1000 fatal accidents between 2001 and 2003 and looked at the causes and factors behind all accidents, including multiple fatal mileage markers and semi truck accident verdicts.

They found that in many cases the drivers of large trucks were to blame and that they could drive in circumstances that put themselves and others at risk, and must pay the average cost of a commercial truck accident. Some of factors associated with accidents are:

• More than 22% are fatigued
• 26% are on prescription drugs
• 17% consider OTC drug use to be a factor
• More than 22% are acting too quickly due to conditions

These factors indicate that drivers will continue to drive even tired or sick in order to meet deadlines. They may be taking drugs that affect their ability to drive. Other reasons were illegal maneuvering, over-monitoring, lack of attention, and the need to drive despite fatigue.

Responsibility For Interstate Truck Accidents

Semi Truck Accident Settlement

When these large trucks have an accident, it is much more difficult than a collision of two cars. The culprit could be the truck driver, the company you work for, or even a third-party contractor. Your lawyer will work to fight for semi truck accident settlement.

Commercial truck accident victims should seek legal representation in order to manage their rights in these injuries they have suffered. Considering the damage caused by a major truck accident, you can expect to get a lot of injury, property damage and suffering where the actual settlement amounts truck accidents are different.

When victims claim for commercial vehicle accident settlement, they need an experienced injury lawyer to make the best possible recovery.

In these cases, the victim of an interstate truck accident compensation must protect the costs and damage directly as a result of the road traffic accident, which usually includes damage to the vehicle, medical bills and other material costs.

However, it can also mean money for invisible damage and changing circumstances, such as disability, long-term suffering and reduced quality of life. Talk to an injury lawyer to understand what financial compensation or semi truck accident settlement you can get.


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