square body chevy for sale

Square Body Chevy for Sale Ultimate Buying Guide

Are you interested in purchasing square body chevy for sale? Better read our buying guide on Typestrucks below first!

Square Body Chevy for Sale’s Ultimate Buying Guide

square body chevy for sale
square body chevy for sale

Ever wonder whether square body chevy for sale is worth to buy or not? Chevrolet light trucks from the years 1973 to 1987 (as well as their GMC counterparts), also known as “square bodies,” have recently generated a significant amount of debate. Whatever you choose to name them, these boxy vehicles are well-liked for a number of reasons, including their affordability, availability, ease of maintenance, and ability to be customized. These reasons are also the main reason why this vehicles’ price have been soaring and surpassed its 4 door square body chevy for sale counterpart.

We’ve compiled our ultimate guide for square body chevy for sale since we’ve noticed the popularity of Chevrolet light trucks from 1973 to 1987 have been on the rise. These trucks are still widely available despite rising values—we’ve seen some specimens sell for astounding sums at auction—because more than 10 million of them were made. While the 4 door square body chevy for sale offer some amazing features, the 1973 – 1987 boast some amazing features with retro look that is so irresistible. But, before you decide on purchasing this square body chevy 4×4 for sale, read more of our guide below.

General View of Square Body Chevy for Sale

General View of Square Body Chevy for Sale

Before you jump in to its specifications, you might want to learn more about this chevy square body for sale. There are several strong reasons to purchase a 1973 to 1987 Chevy C10 or GMC truck, also known as a “square-body” vehicle. The primary reason is that the Chevy C10 truck was produced for 15 years, from 1973 to 1987, as opposed to 6 years for the C10 built from 1960 to 1966 and 5 years for the C10 made from 1967 to 1972. The 15-year production run of the Chevy C10 from 1973 to 1987 resulted in 10 million good used vehicles with plenty of great OEM and aftermarket parts to repair, restore, or personalize.

There’s no denying that the early chevy square body for sale trucks had both positive and negative aspects. The early square-body cars’ hoods tended to buckle on the passenger side directly in front of the hood hinge, and they were extremely susceptible to rusting. The lower rear area of the front fenders and above the wheelwells of Fleetside pickups on 1973 to 1975 vehicles started to rust as early as 1976 in California. GM addressed the rust issue with stronger primers, zinc galvanized plating, and we presume heavier-gauge sheetmetal three or four years into square-body manufacture.

The good news for Californians is that 1973–1975 Chevy C10 trucks are free from emissions (smog) testing. However, the real irony of this square body chevy 4×4 for sale is that most modified square-bodies end up getting an LS or Vortec swap, which results in twice as much horsepower and significantly lower emissions than 1976–1986 Chevy C10 trucks. The road to better performance and lower emissions is clear in states where Chevy C10 trucks from 1973 to 1987 are not required to undergo smog testing. You might want to check it with square body chevy for sale near me first before confirming the purchase for this truck.

Square Body Chevy’s General Review

Square Body Chevy’s General Review

Now, it’s time to dive deeper before you look for square body chevy for sale near me. Here are several aspects to look at that makes the Chevy become one of the best trending vehicles in 2023:

Chevy’s Body and Interior

Although the redesigned trucks for 1973 had a boxier appearance than the previous model, they were actually made to be more aerodynamic. In addition to being bigger than their predecessors, the cabs from 1973 to 1981 provided 2.5 inches more hip room for the driver and passenger. In their 14-year lifespan, these vehicles had just one significant redesign, which included a front air dam, a slanted hood, and front fenders in 1981. However, there were a few adjustments to be aware of first: Power windows were added to the door shells in 1977, and the hoods were imprinted with a bulge along the leading edge in 1979.

For this square body chevy for sale near me, Chevrolet claimed that in order to prevent corrosion, the panels of these vehicles were submerged in electrically charged “primer paint emulsion,” and that the electric charge assisted in drawing paint into all cracks. Later, applications of zinc-rich primer would be part of the corrosion protection. But it’s highly questionable whether any of these actions were actually effective.

One of the defining features of these square body chevy 4×4 for sale was their car-like interiors. The earlier vehicles’ board-flat instrument panel was replaced with a wraparound unit that was topped by a somewhat more ornate dash pad. However, compared to modern standards, these vehicles’ cockpits appear to be quite basic, and numerous components, including as door panels, dash pads, instrument clusters, seat cushions, and floor coverings, are being replicated. There are other stock custom interior components that may be added to these trucks as well. The standard and custom steering wheels supplied from 1978 to 1987 are different from those for the 1973–1977 models, however they are all interchangeable.

Chevy’s Engine

The square body chevy truck for sale from 1973 to 1987 were available with the whole range of engines. The 350 and a modernized 454 are still available over parts counters at Chevrolet dealers, while the majority of original engines are offered in one way or another on the used or remanufactured market. Rebuild kits are also not a problem. The 305 V-8 is a very popular and dependable engine, but its potential is limited by its tiny bores and constrictive heads. Today, 5.7-liter diesel trucks are unusual because many of them had cylinder head or head gasket issues and were replaced with gasoline V-8 engines. The 6.2-liter diesel was first made available in 1982 and is still quite popular today.

Chevy’s Chassis and Brakes

These square body chevy truck for sale are heavier and more stable than their predecessors thanks to a fully new chassis design. Rear coil springs were no longer available, wheelbases were lengthened by moving axles and suspension components farther out, frames and crossmembers were strengthened to support the weight of the outboard fuel tank (or tanks, if there were two), the geometry of the leaf springs was revised, the rear shocks were staggered, and front disc brakes with power assist were made standard equipment—with the exception of the 12-ton two-wheel-drive C10s, where power assist was optional.

While this square body chevy for sale rode on front leaf springs on top of solid live axles, two-wheel-drive vehicles rode on independent front suspension with coil springs between upper and lower control arms. Although it’s not particularly widespread, frame corrosion does occur in the states that make up the Rust Belt. The space between the cab and the box should be examined for corrosion if you’ve ever seen one of these vehicles with an obvious V shape in profile. Additionally, check for metal deterioration or cracking at the attachment locations for the rear suspension and the steering box. The brake lines are vulnerable to corrosion since they run down the inside of the frame. There is no justification for compromising safety when brake parts and brake-line kits are freely accessible.


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