Swift Trucking Drivers

Swift Trucking Drivers

Swift Trucking Drivers Typestrucks.com Already know swift driver recruitment? Or want know swift hiring?

The Swift Advantage

The individuals employed by Swift trucking company in the United States are all qualified to become Swift trucking drivers. In fact, there are very few organizations in the world that only employ those that meet the required education and experience requirements. Swift only hires qualified individuals from all walks of life and is committed to helping them reach their goals and realize their dreams.

Swift’s goal is to serve the community by employing those who have a desire to make a difference. That is why they strive to match the specific needs of each of their trucking operations with the best possible drivers that are available. Their history is as long as it is proven by the thousands of people who have been employed as Swift trucking drivers since the company’s inception in 1957.

When it comes to those in need of employment, Swift trucking executives understand that they are probably looking for an opportunity that is going to provide them with financial security. An organization that is constantly seeking qualified candidates for the transportation industry will be successful at doing so because they offer workers’ benefits and a solid compensation plan.



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Swift Trucking Drivers

Swift Trucking Drivers

Swift drivers are given a very competitive wage rate and receive excellent benefits. One of the perks they enjoy is the ability to travel and spend their time where they wish.

In many cases, Swift is not looking for the typical type of individual that is employed by other companies. Swift’s demand for great work ethics, exceptional customer service skills, a competitive work ethic, and the ability to work as part of a team are some of the things that the company looks for when hiring qualified Swift trucking drivers.

Swift also understands that the people that will be provided with employment with Swift are going to be fully committed to providing the most outstanding customer service possible.

Swift Trucking Drivers – truck driving school

Swift trucking is proud to have a strong and active union that represents its drivers. The union represents drivers in the United States and Canada and has a strong reputation for acting quickly and efficiently when there is a need to represent orremedy any grievances. This is a real benefit for Swift trucking since the union provides a forum for workers to voice their concerns.

To protect itself and its drivers, Swift has a good safety record and is currently being monitored by OSHA. Swift has also been licensed by DOT for nearly four decades and is not currently on the Department of Transportation’s list of agencies which require frequent license inspections. This helps Swift trucking to maintain its status as a regulated business.

Swift Trucking Drivers

Swift trucking also has a very good relationship with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA can be contacted 24 hours a day and seven days a week to assist in the prevention of consumer complaints. Because of this, Swift trucking drivers will be assured that they are free to discuss their concerns without the fear of retribution from management.

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Swift trucking drivers are subject to a rigorous hiring process that requires them to pass a comprehensive drug screening and background check. Swift requires drivers to work with a driver training program and a psychological evaluation. They also take a look at the drivers’ physical and medical conditions, specifically their ability to drive safely and legally.

Swift has a top-rated safety-inspection program that includes yearly inspections and random investigations. Swift is also committed to making their drivers aware of every single aspect of the program. For those employees who have had disciplinary problems, Swift seeks to provide assistance as it relates to the business.

Swift Trucking Drivers

In addition to offering the most competitive wages and job stability, Swift trucking has a program that allows its drivers to have a major savings account that is included in their salaries. Swift drivers are also offered significant vacation time and health benefits. Swift also offers a wide range of training programs that provide training for jobs in customer service, logistics, and new technologies.

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Swift’s leadership and management team make the commitment to make their driver’s fully aware of all of the advantages of working with Swift. Swift management is committed to the development of good relationships with drivers and workers in order to reduce problems. and, ultimately, to provide exceptional service.

The vast amount of expertise Swift has available is what makes them a company of choice for many private and public fleets. Swift provides unique and flexible solutions that are conducive to both the large and small fleets.

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