Temporary Car Insurance
Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary Car Insurance, Here’s All Things You Need to Know!

Do you need to borrow your friend’s or relative’s car? Be sure to take a temporary car insurance beforehand. How is it so important? Read the explanation below typestrucks.com.

Just like the name implies, temporary car insurance is a short-term insurance that can be used for numerous circumstances. You’ll get coverage for anywhere between an hour and a month, whether you’re picking up a car you recently bought or borrowing a friend’s. If you need someone else to drive your car for a while, you can also purchase short-term auto insurance. Typically, the insurance provides complete comprehensive coverage, the most comprehensive level of auto insurance, which pays for any damage you make to other people’s cars in addition to your own. Find out more about this type of insurance below.

How Long a Temporary Car Insurance Last For?

Temporary Car Insurance
Temporary Car Insurance

A car insurance temporary gives protection for you and your car. Unlike other type of insurances which usually provide coverage for months or a year, this temporary car insurance usually last for few days, weeks, or a month. Some providers also offer a temporary coverage for approximately 24 weeks. When you get quotes for this type of insurance, you can choose how long the insurance will last. You won’t be permitted to operate the vehicle on public roads after that period has passed. You might pay more to have your insurance company extend your coverage if you need it for a longer period of time.

When Should I Need to Get Temporary Car Insurance

Driving a car without owning license is considered as rule violations, and you might get fined for that. However, it is possible that you only need to drive a car for a short period of time. Maybe, you borrowed the car from your friend or family. It is also possible that it’s a newly bought car, and you’re on the process making an insurance. In that case, having a temporary car insurance will helps you. Below are several situations in which the short term insurance become useful:

Share the Driving

So you and your friends are on road trip using their car or any vehicle. If you don’t own an insurance, it’s forbidden for you to jump into the driver’s seat even when it’s needed. However, you can easily do so by having a temporary or short term car insurance. That way you can hop into the driver’s seat during the trip.

Borrowing Parents’ or Friend’s Car Occasionally

If you’re driving your friend’s or family’s car with their name on it, it will be illegal to drive them. If you’re going to borrow their car, you’ll need your name on the policy first. So that you can drive their car occasionally.

In an Emergency Time

Having a car insurance temporary is found to be useful during emergency time. For example, your parents or your friend might not be able to drive in their own car during the moment. By owning a short term policy, you can step in and drive to get the help they needed.

Do Car Dealership Offer Temporary Insurance?

There are requirements you need when considering buying a car from a dealership. In addition to financial considerations, the appropriate insurance is one of the most crucial. Before driving off the lot with a financed vehicle, you must have full coverage insurance. The question is, do car dealership offer temporary insurance?

The answer to the question do car dealership offer temporary insurance, is a yes. In fact, they do provide you with multiple options for short term car insurance. The insurance is available for both rental or even car purchases. However, it is best not to assume that they have the temporary insurance available. It’s always best to call them in advance. Start the purchasing procedure only after you have a clear strategy in place for obtaining the required insurance. Have your information prepared to give to the insurance provider while making the purchase if you need to obtain temporary insurance on your own.

The Best Temporary Car Insurance Providers 2022

Interested in making your first temporary car insurance? If you can’t find a car dealer providing the license you need, you don’t have to worry. There is numerous license agency who provide temporary car insurance service. Which one is the best? Find out here now.


Geico Insurance
Geico Insurance

Geico is probably the best provider if you’re looking for a reputable temporary car insurance company. Temporary car insurance geico promises that you’ll save up to 25% on multi-vehicle discounts. It’s definitely one of the biggest potential savings among the reputed car providers. Geico temporary car insurance also offer lots of discounts and assortments which include renters and home insurances. You’ll definitely find the best temporary car insurance here. Its service is also well known in all 50 states.

GEICO was established in 1936 in Fort Worth, Texas, as a car insurance provider with a focus on federal employees and a select group of enlisted military personnel. It has developed into a recognized, long-standing insurance provider that provides motor insurance coverage across the country. The organization also provides insurance for motorcycles, boats, homes, and renters. Of course, you can also get the best temporary car insurance geico with best price offers.


Progressive Insurance
Progressive Insurance

Apart of geico temporary car insurance, you can also get this short-term insurance license provided by Progressive. Using its Photo Estimate Tool, you can file a claim much easier and efficiently. All you have to do is take a picture of the damage and send it to a claims consultant. 99% of Progressive’s policyholders are also eligible for discounts too. Not only providing faster claim reports, Progressive also offer an easy tracker where you can monitor the status of your claim online without having to contact or wait to find out what is happening. This is particularly useful if you just sometimes drive a car and don’t want the hassle of waiting for a claims agent to contact you.

Temporary car insurance will give you limited coverage that will be useful in several occasions. Be sure to do deeper research on this matter in order to find the best insurance type match your needs.

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