tiger truck stop
tiger truck stop

Bizarre Things You Need to Know About Tiger Truck Stop!

Tiger truck stop might be the most bizarre truck stops in the entire world. Find out why below at typestrucks.com.

If you’re delivering hauls to Louisiana, you will certainly have googled truck stop near me now. And, most likely you’ll stumble to tiger truck stop. Tiger Truck Stop is one the most popular, or maybe, should we say infamous for its exotic entertainment. Michael Sandlin, the owner of this truck stop put some of his pet tigers on display. Yes, you heard it right. Here, you not only can take some rest or buy some food during your trip. You can also see some tigers roaming around the exhibit, and they even have a camel too! Now, if tiger truck stop louisiana pique your interest, find out more about the place here.

About Tiger Truck Stop and Its Controversy

tiger truck stop
tiger truck stop

So, you might have heard about tiger truck stop louisiana everywhere on the news. From recent news, tiger truck stop is infamously known to be involved in several lawsuits thrown by Animal Legal Defense Fund and numerous wildlife conservationists. The cause of these lawsuits is none other than how the owner put the endangered tigers on display.

Known for its love for tigers, Michael built large exhibit in his truck stop area where visitors can see those wild animals roam freely inside the cage. The tigers have been the most popular “attraction” in the truck stop. It also become what makes Tiger Truck Stop is different from other truck stops in the US. One of the most popular tigers in the exhibit is Tony. Tony tiger stop have become the icon of the facility.

However, the existence of these tigers sparks some controversies. The Animal Legal Defense Fund thrown a lawsuit against Michael for exploiting the tigers. And, in our opinion, they do have a point. However, Michael Sandlin used his political influence to get around rule after regulation, including the 2006 unanimously passed Louisiana big cat ban. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ unlawful permission for the Tiger Truck Stop was revoked as a result of a lawsuit brought by the Animal Legal Defense Fund; this judgment was upheld on appeal.

Sandlin sued Louisiana over the legitimacy of the state’s big cat restriction in his effort to keep displaying tigers at the service station. The case is still pending as a result of the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s successful intervention to support the protection of the ban. The feud continued even after tony tiger stop died in 2017. However, that didn’t stop Michael from acquiring more endangered animals. The lawsuit war lasted for about 6 years even after Tony’s death after he was euthanized for kidney-failure disease.

Not long after Tony’s passing, Michael, again, obtained a one-hump camel that he named “Casper”. This tiger truck stop camel also becoming one of the most iconic animals that people love to see when they were stopping by at the truck stop. The animals defenders were not pleased of course, as they keep on fighting to release the endangered animal, or should we say, animals, from Michael’s grasps. Especially, following an unfortunate event where a woman bit on Casper’s testicles (yes, you read it right), because the animal was sitting on her face due to her screaming at it.

Yes, the whole situation was pure chaotic. The woman and his husband climbed to enter the camel’s enclosure to rescue their deaf dog who wandered into the camel’s exhibit. On sidenote, they didn’t put their dog on the leash, and instead letting it roam freely around the truck stop, and only God knows why. As a result, Casper had to receive antibiotics to treat his wound. He was probably one and only dromedary camel who need antibiotic shots due to wounds on its balls. Meanwhile, the woman suffered several injuries, including multiple bruises broken bones, and punctured lungs.

Due to the tiger truck stop camel incident, Tiger Truck Stop was once again entered the spotlight. Fortunately, it all ended as a couple named Johny and Dana Ewing along with their business partner James Jarreu purchased the truck stop in June 2020. They sent Casper and kangaroo to a zoo in Alexandria. Smaller animals, such as coati, ducks, goats, and chicken stayed in Sandlin’s home. The place where the cages was once stood is turned into more parking spots. The Tiger Truck Stop’s original building was also teared down, leaving only the restaurant that keeps serving the best tiger truck stop menu.

Tiger Truck Stop’s Facilities

Tiger Truck Stop’s Facilities
Tiger Truck Stop’s Facilities

Apart of its controversy, Tiger Trucks Stop offer quite decent facilities. One of its star facility is Tiger Truck Stop restaurant serving various delectable Southern cuisine. Some of the best tiger truck stop menu are red beans and rice. You must also try their smoked sausage, alligator sausage, rawfish etoufee, and jambalaya. The restaurant also offers American-style breakfast menu which consists of: eggs, corned beef & eggs, omelets, country gravy, sausage, coffee, Toby’s special cakes, biscuits, fruit juices, and Steak & Eggs

On the other hand, if you love seafood, you’ll absolutely love their seafood platter, cajun sampler seafood, crawfish, gumbo, shrimp creole, jumbo butterfly shrimp, and more. You can also satisfy your hunger by gobbling on the country fried steak beef, cheeseburgers, cajun fried chicken, grilled pork chops, and more. You can also savor some delicious desserts here, from ice cream to cheesecake. They also serve homemade cream pies, pudding and cookies.

Tiger Truck Stop also offer 24-hours tire service, and apparently the new owner also build a new shower facilities. They used to have gifts shop too. However, it might have already torn down along with the old building. Jarreau also stated that they might also build a casino for entertainment. And for anyone’s relief, the new Tiger Truck Stop will no longer involve in wildlife or any kinds of animal exploitation to boost their name. Jarreau stated that he wishes the truck stop will be famous for its service instead of its animal attractions.

Well, that’s all everything you need to know about the controversial tiger trucks stop. Now that they no longer displaying animals, animal lovers are certainly more willing to visit this place. Be sure to stop by at the truck stop if you’re traveling to Louisiana.

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