Tips for Tackling Tough & Controversial Essay Topics
Tips for Tackling Tough & Controversial Essay Topics

Top 5 Tools and Resources for the Success of Online College Students!

After the recent Covid-19 outbreak, online learning is neither new nor rare to modern students. After being forced to continue their education online during the lockdown, students faced plenty of related challenges. Despite these challenges, the Digital Learning Pulse survey revealed that 73% of students now want to continue their education fully online. And 68% reported they want to have a hybrid learning experience.

Although online learning is gaining more popularity, this fact doesn’t cancel the pitfalls it has. Studying from home, especially in college, is hard. At home, you can have more distractions and face issues with time management. And these are just a few of the many problems.

The good news is that now students have access to resources that can make their learning simple and stress-free. From a reliable service where you can pay someone to write my essay that can take off a part of your academic load to helpful resources for self-learning—there are plenty of helpful tools for online student success.

1.   EssayService

While in college, the biggest challenge students face is a huge load of homework assignments and academic papers. The load is often so big that young people can barely cope with it on their own. Moreover, surveys reveal that it also becomes the biggest stress factor for them. Due to all these reasons, the number one tool every college student must use is a trusted essay writing helper like EssayService.

This tool will help you streamline your education and delegate a part of your tasks to professionals. As a result, you will score high grades with ease and will also save a lot of time for other things that matter. And this service is one of the best ones in terms of reliability and quality, which means that your tasks will always be in the right hands. You can check out writing services reviews to see it for yourself!

2.   GoConqr

The next tool is an app that has millions of resources and tools inside it. With GoConqr, you can create quizzes, mind maps, flashcards, study planners, and other learning materials. The app is designed well and is very easy to use. And it has everything you need to succeed in your online classes. It will help you get on the right track with your studies, retain information better, and achieve all your goals without stress. So be sure to give it a try.

3.   Chegg

Most students know Chegg as one of the largest providers of books for sale and rent. However, not many know that it has plenty of other tools and resources for academic success. In the Study section on the Chegg website, you will find over 84 million homework explanations, Q&As, and practice exams. Also, there you will find helpful topic breakdowns and videos that can help you understand even the most complex topics.

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Finally, in case you are struggling with essay writing and need to hone your skills, Chegg offers handy tools for proofreading, plagiarism checks, and citations.

4.   Khan Academy

Whether you study online or offline, in college, there should always be space for self-education. Whenever you need to master a new topic or acquire extra skills, you don’t necessarily need to take a relevant college course. After all, you must already have too much on your plate. But you can use Khan Academy to achieve all these goals.

This online resource offers students a large collection of high-quality learning materials for all academic levels, subjects, and interests. Most importantly, at Khan Academy, these resources are free of charge.

5.   Schooltraq

Time management and scheduling are probably the biggest issues for online students. When you attend college offline, it is rather easy to stay on the right track and keep up with all your tasks. However, when you are left all on your own, it becomes hard to schedule your time appropriately and keep track of all the classes, exams, assignments, and deadlines that you have. If that’s an issue you are facing, Schooltraq is a great tool to solve it. It is an intuitive and effective study planner that will let you keep up with all your academic matters easily.

The Bottom Line

Studying in college online might not be for everyone. Learning from home requires twice more attention, dedication, and focus than attending school traditionally. But now you know how to make it simple.

With the best essay writing services, student planners, learning materials platforms, and other tools and resources, you will be well-equipped for success. Now you have a list of everything you need to achieve success as an online student. Start using them right now to accomplish your goals!

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