Truck Accident Attorney Marietta

Truck Accident Attorney Marietta Typestrucks.Com When you hire a truck accident attorney Marietta to help you resolve your damage after an accident, your lawyer will do extensive research to identify all of the ways you have suffered a loss as a result of your injuries.

Sadly, there is no exact number for the settlement amount after an accident. Rather, how much you owe after a truck accident depends on factors specific to your case, including medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other injuries.

Truck Accident Attorney Marietta

Special Damage

Truck Accident Attorney Marietta

Some of your damage will be economic (or special) and will represent quantifiable losses that can be calculated as specific amounts by your truck accident attorney Marietta. Examples of special damages:

• Loss of wages
• Emergency transport
• Lost or damaged property
• Reduced earning capacity
• Medical expenses (past and future)
• Replacement costs (cost to pay someone to perform tasks that you would normally do but can no longer handle due to your injury)

Your lawyer will determine the values of each of these losses and collect all of your medical records, receipts and bank statements related to injuries and your employer’s pay statements.

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General Damage

Truck Accident Attorney Marietta

Your injuries have probably affected you in other ways. Examples of such non-economic (or general) harms are:

• Mental distress
• Loss of consortium
• Physical impairment
• Reduced quality of life
• Physical disfigurement
• Pain and suffering (physical)

Your truck accident attorney Marietta may speak to medical and psychological experts who can offer reports on your car accident compensation.

Wrong Death

Truck Accident Attorney Marietta

In the event that your loved one has died as a result of injuries in a truck accident caused by another party, you have the right to bring a wrongful death action against the negligent person.

A successful lawsuit will cover the costs of the funeral and burial, the loss of the consortium, and any damage the loved one may have suffered in a personal injury lawsuit had they survived. Most personal injury law firms have lawyers who can handle this on your behalf.

The Insurance Company’s Approach

The vast majority of injury cases resolve before a trial. The culprit’s insurance company, which ultimately pays for a settlement, wants your claim settled quickly without trial, even without consult to your truck accident attorney Marietta. The evidence presents an insurer with a degree of unpredictability that does not fit well with its risk.

• Profits first

Despite their motivation to settle your claim quickly, an insurer will not let this incentive disturb its profit. After all, they make money by selling policies, not paying claims. You should also be aware of the data and technology that powers an adjuster’s ability to know the value of your claim, as well as the amounts a court will award you if your case goes to trial.

• Tempting you with early compensation

Insurance company will put in place tools that allow it to skillfully underestimate your claim, taking advantage of the fact that you don’t know its true value. Beware of accepting settlement offers without speaking to a lawyer.

The amount offered by the company is a small of what you could get in a settlement. By accepting the offer, you lose your right to additional compensation when you find that your damage greatly exceeds the amount the insurer paid you. Speak to a truck accident attorney Marietta for sure.

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