How Long to Get Claim on Truck Accident In New Jersey?

Truck Accident In New Jersey Typestrucks.Com The nature of massive rigs can increase their accident risks. Though driver error is common cause for big truck accident in New Jersey, wrecks also occur because of the character of vehicles themselves.

Lengthy and high 18 wheelers create some blind spots — mostly within the rear but also to the sides — which the drivers cannot see. Meaning drivers may endanger nearby vehicles in their blind spots and leads to fatal car crash in New Jersey today.

Also, a loaded tractor-trailers take 20-40 percent farther than cars to stop in order to prevent NJ turnpike truck accident today, and thus the discrepancy is greater on wet and slippery roads or with poorly maintained brakes.

How Long Do You Need to File a Truck Injury Claim?

Truck Accident In New Jersey

Truck Accident In New Jersey

Each state has its own limitations which indicate how long you’ve to take a legal action for claiming truck accident in New Jersey, a time after which such actions aren’t allowed.
In New Jersey, you’ve two years from the date of the NJ turnpike accident report today to file a lawsuit. Meaning you would not to wait longer than two years, or you’ll never have the prospect again.

Don’t await your injury costs your medical and rehabilitation bills due to accident New Jersey today. Get a knowledgeable truck injury attorney quickly, not only to file a claim before the due date passes, but also to hunt valuable evidence before a truck company can cover it up.

Can I Hire a Truck Accident Attorney If I’m At Fault?

Truck Accident In New Jersey

In New Jersey and most other states, you’ll hire a truck accident in New Jersey attorney to recover some money albeit you are 50 percent guilty for a crash. This is widely known as “modified comparative fault.”

Known as proportionate responsibility, that allows you to recover damages in New Jersey accident yesterday lawsuit if you were at 50 percent guilty for the massive rig wreck.
However, the degree to which you were guilty will reduce the number of your settlement. As an example, if damages were $100,000 and you were 25 percent guilty, your recovery would be reduced by that percentage, and you’d be awarded $75,000.

But if you’re deemed guilty by 51 percent or more, you can’t recover anything from New Jersey turnpike accident. Even if you think that you were fully guilty for the truck accident in New Jersey, contact the lawyer anyway, because you still may have legal protection.

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What Are Some Common Causes of Massive Truck Accidents?

Truck Accident In New Jersey

Among common causes of truck accident in New Jersey are by truck drivers. Some truckers may tailgate or drive recklessly, or they’ll drive while fatigued and fall asleep at the wheel.

Truck company also could even be responsible for truck accident on turnpike today. Driver fatigue are often the results of unrealistic and unsafe delivery deadlines by trucking firms. Some truck company put profits before safety and disrespect safety regulations.

Truck companies also won’t have properly trained or licensed their drivers to handle large commercial vehicles. As for truckers themselves, they’ll drive while being distracted or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Sleep apnea also could even be a component in big truck crashes. Many truck drivers are overweight, which leads to a condition called as apnea, which can cause them to become drowsy.
Big truck drivers who spend long hours at the wheel also may suffer from what’s commonly called “highway hypnosis.” This means make the driver less engaged and attentive, thus less able to react to road conditions which lead to truck accident in New Jersey.


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