7 Law Keys Related to Truck Accident Lawyer Denver

Truck Accident Lawyer Denver Typestrucks.Com Many of truck failures are begin from the trucking company obey the big truck laws in Denver. Like everyone else, truck drivers are required to follow specific laws and rules to avoid hiring truck accident lawyer Denver.

This is to make sure the safety of everyone else on the road during the transit of their cargo. Many rules are under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). So, what are some important trucking laws which drivers must obey?

Truck Accident Lawyer Denver

Important trucking laws

• Commercial driver’s license

Truck Accident Lawyer Denver

Anyone who operates any commercial truck is required by law to possess a driver’s license. Beyond that, each kind of commercial vehicle requires specific training. Trucking lines and their employees must comply to avoid a truck accident lawyer Denver.

• Medical checkup

Truck Accident Lawyer Denver

All truck drivers are required to get approval from their physicians. If a driver has a severe medical condition, it is dangerous for them to handle the vehicle.

For instance, a checkup would reveal if a driver was subject to seizures or other maladies which could suddenly make it difficult to drive. Medical exams can protect not just the driver, but others on the road.

• Strict hours of service

Truck Accident Lawyer Denver

Truck drivers must drive in specific amount of hour every day and cannot exceed that limit. Otherwise, truckers may suffer from severe fatigue which can contribute to a truck accident lawyer Denver.

Under Denver trucking laws, a driver must have eight consecutive 8 off-duty before beginning a shift. Then the driver could be on duty for 15 consecutive hours at maximum, and 12 consecutive hours at the wheel of a huge rig.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration allows up 14 hours on duty and up to 11 consecutive hours at the wheel.

• Load size and weight

Truck Accident Lawyer Denver

Truck drivers must adhere to strict guidelines on the size and weight of their loads. As an example, the weight that a truck can haul, including the vehicle itself, is 80,000 pounds.

But each truck is different, and some can haul more or less than others. That’s why truckers are required to get frequent stops at weighing stations to make sure that they are in size and weight regulations.

The law sets the size and weight limits for various kinds of big rigs. These include an 80,000 pounds legal limit for any vehicle and its cargo. Its responsibilities include weighing and checking commercial vehicles.

• Inspections

Prior to any shift, the teamster must do an inspection to prevent truck accident lawyer Denver. That’s to prevent any possible accidents like a tire blowout. Trucking companies also are required to do a regular truck inspection.

Drivers also are required by regulations to look at their truck before beginning any trip. Such truck inspections should evaluate the truck’s wheels, tires, brakes, axles, steering, lights, coupling devices, and others. Daily inspection reports also must be done at the journey.

If any equipment has flaws or dangerous defects, the driver is required to report to the company immediately to avoid a truck accident lawyer Denver. These reports may become valuable evidence if the poor maintenance contributed to a truck accident.

• Distracted driving

Like other drivers, truck drivers read or sending texts while at the wheel, albeit that’s in clear violation of the law. Driver are to use hands-free devices while operating a huge truck, but not all of them do this. And even with this device, truckers are often distracted by the communications.

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• Intoxicated driving

Truck drivers actually face tougher rules for drunk driving than other drivers. The legal limit for alcohol intake by truck drivers could be a blood alcohol content, or BAC, of 0.04 percent.

Truckers also must do random drug and alcohol testing throughout their employment to avoid truck accident lawyer Denver. As the law, drivers of massive trucks have a greater responsibility due to their large and heavy vehicles.


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