Cargo Injury Claim Through a Truck Accident Lawyers Georgia

Truck Accident Lawyers Georgia Typestrucks.Com Georgia has long been a transportation hub, especially for commercial trucks. With the country’s highest mileage, truck accident yesterday within the state often happened. Once it happens, you need the best truck accident lawyers Georgia to handle it.

Most commercial vehicles have at some point been loaded or unloaded at a dock in Georgia or one of the many other cities. The employees and truck drivers are at high risk of serious injury when handling the cargo, often resulting in high medical costs.

If you are involved in loading and unloading ang get an accident, contact the truck accident lawyers Georgia to inquire your legal rights and to see if you can file a work injury claim.

Truck Accident Lawyers Georgia

The Danger of The Cargo

Truck Accident Lawyers Georgia

Docks are fraught with potential safety and other serious injury hazards, often raising the floor, leaving warehouses with various mechanical equipment and large trucks entering and exiting the site. Your truck accident lawyers Georgia will investigate this for you.

An estimated 25% of warehouse injuries occur on loading docks, and your Atlanta truck accident lawyer will tell you this and other types of truck accidents. These places can be very busy and chaotic, which exacerbates the risk of falls. Some hazards include:

• Slips and falls. One of the most common injuries of warehouse workers, especially on loading docks, is slipping and falling. Workers are not only fall off the dock, but also slip because oil and water spilled from equipment and leaking forklifts. It will be subject of investigation for your commercial truck accidents.

• Move pallets or loads. Loading and stacking machines can be hazardous to workers. Stacked loads can become unstable and fall onto unsuspecting workers when the trailer door is opened. Improperly stacked pallets can injure workers, and they have a right to get commercial truck accident settlements.

• Backing for truck injuries. The warehouse workers were seriously injured and even killed when they got stuck. Workers have nowhere to go and can be trapped between trucks and docks or under commercial vehicles. If a wrongful death is happened, the actual settlement amounts truck accidents could be higher.

• Accident with a forklift. The loading dock is one of the most common places where you can get injured related to truck accident in Atlanta today. Workers around forklift and drivers must be aware of common hazards at all times. Forklifts can crush other workers, or fall off the edge of the dock.

• Lifting injury. While back injuries can occur anywhere in the warehouse, they are even more common on the loading dock. Workers often feel rushed due to the rapidly changing atmosphere and the lack of safety precautions, resulting in injuries.

• Exposure. On the loading dock, employees face a variety of hazards that can lead to a fatal injury. Toxic materials, carbon dioxide, equipment exhaust gases, and even noise pollution can be harmful. If this happen, the truck accident settlements and verdicts will be higher.

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Employer Responsibility

Truck Accident Lawyers Georgia

The company must provide the necessary protective equipment and training to prevent injury. For example, OSHA requires truck and trailer drivers to use props or barriers to prevent them from moving during loading and unloading.

If the necessary restrictions are not provided and the worker is injured, the employer can be accused by the truck accident lawyers Georgia for injuring the worker and this could trigger a worker’s compensation claim.

Truck Accident Lawyers Georgia

Employers in Georgia must provide insurance to provide medical care, as well as to cover lost wages and other expenses. While the benefits are guaranteed by law, the compensation you get may below the average, except you are accompanied by the best truck accident lawyers Georgia.


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