Truck Body Door Latches

Truck Body Door Latches Already know truck body hardware? Or want know utility box door latches?

Truck Body Door Latches

Truck body door latches are one of the more basic safety features that a truck has. They make it much harder for thieves to force open the truck’s doors. Locking them is just one part of the job of ensuring that they are secure, however.

Because  are not bolted in, you can have them removed easily replace them with new ones if they get broken or damaged. The old ones may have been a bit rusty, but they should still function. All you need to do is take them off and replace them with new ones.

Before you do this though, you should carefully examine the nuts holding the old ones on. These nuts are usually kept in the truck’s interior. Inspecting these nuts will help prevent breaking the locking mechanism on your truck’s doors.



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Truck Body Door Latches

Truck Body Door Latches

Once you have removed the old ones, you can replace them with new ones. Some trucks’ body door latches are provided with springs. You can just find the spring and attach it to the new ones instead. Sometimes the truck manufacturers provide screws that you can use to screw into the old ones.

If the latches on your truck are electronic, you will have to carefully read the manual for proper installation instructions. Many of the truck owners install the latches themselves, but you should have access to a working screwdriver in order to fix the latches without damaging them.

The complete set of  should be fixed in a strategic place where it will be easily accessible and reachable from the inside of the cab. This is not always the case, but most of the time it will be.

Truck Body Door Latches – truck body latches

The position of the latches should be carefully measured, because you don’t want to place them in such a position that is completely inaccessible from the inside of the cab. That would defeat the purpose of installing them there.

Once you have your properly installed, you will need to test them for their functionality. Truck body door latches are usually used for locking and unlocking, so this will be the best time to determine if they work.

Truck Body Door Latches

You can test the truck door latches for unlocking by simply pressing down on them. This should make the door move enough for you to see it open.

Truck Body Door Latches – service truck door latch

Also, you can test for locking by applying pressure on the locks. You can do this by closing the doors of the truck and then releasing the locks, then trying again to open the doors.

With the  fixed in place, you can now test for functionality. To test for locking, you can lock your truck doors, then try to unlock them using the

Truck Body Door Latches

There should be no difficulty doing this if you have the full set of latches attached. With these properly installed, you should have a vehicle that cannot be easily forced ope

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