Truck Driver Pros And Cons

Truck Driver Pros And Cons

Truck Driver Pros And Cons Already know benefits of being a truck driver? Or want know is truck driving difficult?

The truck driver pro’s and cons are a hot topic in the entertainment industry and in trucking circles. But in the end, it’s what you want to do for yourself and your family that matters.

Trucks are the most popular form of commercial transportation today. They carry tons of merchandise from plant to plant, to store and deliver product to stores. There are three major types of commercial trucking carriers in North America.



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Truck Driver Pros And Cons

Truck Driver Pros And Cons

Freight: This is the full service carrier that carries everything from a load of potatoes to a load of computers. It has a set price for each load and usually has a contract with a shipper. These are the trucks used for hauling cement, grain, raw logs, and other things. These trucks are quite heavy and can be very expensive to run.

Independent contractors: Truck drivers who are hired by a shipper and hired by a customer to haul goods for them. You might find these drivers driving around at your local grocery store, or working on a bus.

Truck Driver Pros And Cons – is being a truck driver dangerous

These guys take the chance of being out on the road while an insured truck driver is back at the office. They charge their customers less but take longer to complete their deliveries.

Freight service carriers: These are the companies that get their items delivered and pick them up. Typically, these carriers only deal with one type of business: a retailer. For instance, Costco, Sam’s Club, Target, and Wal-Mart are their customers.

Truck Driver Pros And Cons – is being a truck driver stressful

So which driver or are we talking about? First, it’s important to understand the basic factors of truck driver living. He may have a home, or he may not. But he is usually responsible for doing his daily chores at home while taking care of his family.

There are some basic things that can determine the amount of your paycheck. The basic money factor for the truck driver pro’s and con’s list are his number of driving hours, the average price of a load, the driver salary, the number of hours worked by him per week, the number of hours worked by him per month, and his wages.

Truck Driver Pros And Cons – do truck drivers make good money

Truck Driver Pros And Cons

Hours worked is determined by the driver. So many times he works fewer hours and the company keep the remainder. He will generally receive a bonus for working extra hours.

The driver’s salary is based on the business, as to how many customers the company has. Many times the driver’s salary is higher than the average salary because the trucker has been recommended by a friend or acquaintance. He has a knack for the business and the driver association often benefits the drivers by recommending good candidates to the company.

Truck Driver Pros And Cons – how much do truck drivers make

Truck Driver Pros And Cons

The driver’s salary may not be protected by a union. Often, the driver is paid by the mile. As a result, he may receive lower compensation because he works fewer miles than an employee. Although, this can make a big difference when determining the income potential of the driver pro’s and con’s list.

The number of hours worked will affect the driver’s salary. Many drivers have two or three shifts a day. The additional hours will be factored into the salary equation.

The driver pro’s and con’s list look at a driver’s ability to make money for the company. This helps determine whether the driver should make more money, or whether he will be a liability to the company.

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