Truck Driver Unions

Truck Driver Unions Already know truck driver union wages? Or want know teamster truck driver salary?

The truck driver unions and their claims of unfair treatment by the major trucking companies have an impact on how truck drivers view themselves. Are they the lucky few, the lucky guys with a better than average job and easy road to financial security?

In reality, most driver’s job is incredibly stressful. These trucking companies take advantage of their workers by making them work harder than they should be required to. They ignore safety and health regulations and refuse to train new truck drivers in important factors like common road hazards.



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Truck Driver Unions

Truck Driver Unions

When you are one of these people on the road every day, you start to get the drift that everyone else is vulnerable to injury from unsafe roads. You begin to feel that working on the road is not a job.

Unfortunately, this perception is not only destructive to the health of your drivers and you yourself, but it is detrimental to the health of the people you will be sharing the road with. Trucking companies know that you do not have a safety net when it comes to the potential for physical harm.

This has created a unique problem for the truck driver unions. They are now required to hold two conflicting goals. They are expected to represent the rights of the workers, while at the same time work to keep their jobs.

Truck Driver Unions – union truck driving jobs

The sad irony of this is that some of these same union officials make a living off of convincing you that you have no choice. They may insist that you have no other choice than to be exposed to the danger of the roads on a daily basis.

If this sounds far fetched, imagine what could happen if they succeeded in putting a bad impression in your mind about your trucks. You would feel no choice but to cancel your orders or to refuse to use them. A trucking company without your ability to transport their products would lose their ability to make money.

The unions know this and therefore work hard to convince you that there is no other choice. You would no longer drive your own truck but instead be forced to use the services of a truck driver that was an employee of the same company.

Truck Driver Unions – teamsters trucking jobs

Truck Driver Unions

The point is that if you did have a choice, you would be forced to purchase the product of another person, yet they would be driving your vehicles. How would this affect your self-image? It would be devastating.

Truck Driver Unions

However, if you are forced to use someone else’s goods, then you would have to make decisions about your future relationships based on whether or not they would pay for your personal products. You would lose confidence in the people you currently dated and developed new habits about relationships.

Truck Driver Unions – teamsters truck drivers union

When people are forced to deal with the consequences of choices they make, they are forced to deal with the most important issues in their lives. How this makes them feel about themselves and their families would be the determining factor for how well they would do in their future relationships.

Remember, the driver unions are there to protect your interests. Not to protect you, but to protect themselves.

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