Truck Drivers Lifestyle

Truck Drivers Lifestyle

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If you are a truck driver, you have probably heard that truck drivers lifestyle includes the following things: sleeping on the floor, eating while standing up, changing clothes inside a grocery bag, and drinking coffee from a water bottle. These are only a few of the truck driver’s lifestyle problems. They all add up to create negative stress in the lives of truck drivers.

There is no doubt that if these problems were fixed by trucking companies, day-to-day life for truck drivers would be much happier. It has been said that more people would quit than stay if these problems were eliminated. These are some of the things that need to be corrected.



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Truck Drivers Lifestyle

Truck Drivers Lifestyle

Sleeping on the floor. This is common in the trucking industry and most truck drivers don’t mind it. But sleeping on the floor can cause backaches later in life, which causes your mood to change. The constant stress is something you will need to correct.

Eating while standing up. When you go to sleep, you are too tired to even think about food. Eating while standing up is dangerous. You could fall asleep and end up with a head injury. There are even lawsuits filed against trucking companies for having employees fall asleep at their jobs.

Truck Drivers Lifestyle – truck driver life expectancy

Buying clothes from the truck stop. While you can buy clothes in any department store, you can’t buy the brand name of the clothing, but you can buy the quality. You can buy clothing that will last you a lot longer than the typical wear and tear.

Driving a truck all night long. This is not an option if you are a truck driver. A truck is a large vehicle and will take a lot of power to drive. It is not meant to go very long periods of time.

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Getting fast food or sleeping in the truck. You can get something to eat, but you don’t want to. Also, you can’t sleep in the truck because you will have to be awake to make sure the bed is in shape and that everything is working properly. You can’t sleep.

Drinking coffee from a bottle. When you drink coffee, your body loses caffeine. And caffeine is known to cause insomnia.

Truck Drivers Lifestyle – truck driving difficulty

Truck Drivers Lifestyle

Driving with children in the car. The car seat will compress the neck. You can also cause neck aches by taking your eyes off the road to go to the toilet. You will need to remove the child from the car as soon as you can and keep the seat on until you can get to the toilet.

Not having an emergency kit with a cellular phone or alarm clock for nighttime truck driver. You will have to get out of bed in the morning to find out that your cell phone doesn’t work and your alarm hasn’t gone off. You will also wake up to find your alarm system has run out of batteries.

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Being stuck in a rest area at night. Most rest areas have a fire extinguisher in them, but only a few have an extinguisher in the trunk of the truck. It is essential to have a fire extinguisher in the truck, as well as an extinguisher in the interior of the truck.

Truck Drivers Lifestyle

If the things above are fixed, truck drivers will be much happier and their lifestyles will improve dramatically. The things listed above are major contributing factors to the negative stress that causes truck drivers to get sick.

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