truck paper
truck paper

Truck Paper, Everything You Need to Know

Truck Paper have been known as the source of knowledge for truckers. Find out more about the truckers’ media below on Typestrucks!

Truck Paper, Everything You Need to Know

truck paper
truck paper

All truckers must already know about what truck paper is. Or maybe, you are an active subscriber of the newspaper. Truck paper or also known as paper truck is a useful newspaper and online media that provide various information about used trucks and equipment. You may find a wide range of trucks and trailers for sale from the most well-known manufacturers in the sector on Truck Paper, a used equipment directory.

The weekly print edition of truck paper has nine regional editions currently in circulation and has done so since 1981. You can browse listings, select trucks and trailers that suit your needs, and get in touch with vendors directly on truck paper com or, an easily accessible online marketplace. The following advice will help you to learn more about the media and utilize it to meet your needs.

About Truck Paper

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The most widely read publication in the US devoted to buying and selling heavy duty vehicles and trailers is supposedly called TruckPaper (or paper truck). The truck paper is a free periodical distributed throughout seven different regions of the nation. Apart of printed version, they also provide the online version of this media to help people all across the States to find more information about trucks and the most recent vehicles.

You might have heard about truck paper com or more widely known as There are thousands of listings for trucks for sale on the TruckPaper website, The landing page of the website ( features a search toolbar that is prominently displayed. This website offers the choice to either perform a quick search by entering the make and model of a truck or trailer or to select the type of vehicle from the top truck for sale adverts listed by manufacturers. The truckpaper website offers details about upcoming auctions as well.

It will be easier to discover a listing or post a listing on the truck paper website if the listings are categorized into manufacturer, parts, dealers, etc. However, if a person wants to find old trucks or trailers such as truck paper peterbilt for example, they might have to use the advanced search option.

On the website, any type of truck is offered for sale; all one needs to do is enter the proper search terms. New users are warned about prevalent internet scams by Truck Paper. When placing an ad for a truck paper peterbilt dump truck or Kenworth, a client is encouraged to phone them to clarify information on payments made or to convey sensitive financial data.

Utilizing the truckpaper website is advantageous for a business looking for salvaged vehicles or trailers. The website always works and loads quickly. Additionally, the website is straightforward to use and has good connectivity, according to Truck Paper. The weekly update report is only one of the numerous advantages to signing up with Truck Paper. However, if one is in the commercial vehicle selling business, they may want to keep a registered account in order to gain access to regularly placing and tracking advertising on truckpaper. You must abide by certain guidelines while putting advertising on this website.

For example, specified typefaces, photo and other file formats, picture resolution requirements, and font color requirements must all be followed when publishing images. When using the Truckpaper website’s Media Kit, PDF files submitted for advertisements should be compatible with Photoshop 5. These limitations are in place, ostensibly to protect visitors to Truck Paper from any inconveniences.

Advertising Features

Advertising in
Advertising in

There will be a zoom option available on an advertisement on Truck Paper for trailers or heavy-duty commercial vehicles for sale. Ad pricing are not listed on the truckpaper website; one must contact sales representatives to confirm. Before being accepted and printed on both digital and hardcopy weekly publications, every new advertisement will be checked for compatibility problems. Additionally, there is functionality for messaging sellers, however this is only available to registered truckpaper users. One will need to get in touch with them by phone for every purchase or advertisement posted, which is seen to be a more secure method of preventing online fraud.

Used Vehicles Search Feature

Used Trucks and Trailers Search Feature on Paper Truck
Used Trucks and Trailers Search Feature on Paper Truck

You can utilize the Search menu if you need to find available used trucks and trailers in The Quick Find search box at the top of the home page is a great place to start if you already know what you want to buy and would prefer to focus on it rather than browse. Simply enter the make, model, or kind of car, truck, or trailer you are looking for, and this site will locate the most pertinent postings. Additionally, you can narrow down your search by entering more details using the Detailed Search option, which is located on the home page next to each major category.

There may be a code in the corner of each picture when you flip through a copy or see a digital version. This Quick Find code provides yet another way to look for both new and old machinery. You will be taken to the full web listing for that truck or trailer after entering that code into the Quick Find bar. There, you will find more details and have the opportunity to get in touch with the dealer or make an offer.

Site’s Details Viewer

Site's Details Viewer
Site’s Details Viewer

Online listings of truck paper’s website provide comprehensive details on trucks and trailers, such as condition, model year, and accumulated miles, in addition to technical information about the vehicles, such as engine type, gearbox style, weight ratings (GVWR), and more. Beyond that, you can make an offer right away or seek more information by contacting the truck’s dealer directly using the information provided. Links to financing, insurance, shipping, and escrow services are also provided in the advertisement to assist you in deciding how to pay for and receive delivery of your equipment.


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