truck stop with showers near me
truck stop with showers near me

The Best Truck Stop with Showers Near Me!

Should you stop by at a truck stop with showers near me? The answer is yes, and read our recommendation to find the best truck stop with showers near your area.

Being on the road for long period time doesn’t only make your body ache. They can also make your body smells. This is particularly true if you’re a long-haul trucker or a roadtrip traveler. Luckily, you can always find truck stop with showers near me to get some quick showers and probably some naps.

Most truck stops in the U.S provide showers facilities that you can use only by paying additional fee. In fact, there’s some way you can use to get free showers by using loyalty points at some closest truck stop with showers near me. Learn more to find out about the truck stops with best shower facilities below at

What is a Truck Stop Shower?

truck stop with showers near me
truck stop with showers near me

It will be nice to find showers facilities in truck stops near me. But it’s also great to grasp more details about the facility. Many people think that truck stop showers are dirty, gross, and smelly. Although we can’t guarantee that the stereotype doesn’t apply to all truck stops, we can guarantee that many truck stop with showers near me actually hold a very high standard for their service. A reputable truck stop usually also provide clean, professional and well maintained facilities.

For your record, over 2,000 travel centers and truck stations are represented by the National Association of Truck Stop Owners (NATSO). At practically any truck stop, you can refuel, receive a hot cup of coffee, and stock up on munchies. Many of them also provide clean showers for truckers, and non-truck drivers who need to clean their body. If you want to get the best showers service, we recommend you to go to the reputable truck stop near me with showers.

The Best Truck Stop with Showers

Finding a reputable truck stop near me with showers will help you a lot to fill your hygiene needs while on the road. You can easily find the closest truck stop with showers near me using some application provided by the truck stop company. Or, you can also do a bit research first to find truck stops near me along the route. Here are some of our recommendation for the best truck stops that also provide adequate shower facilities:

Pilot & Flying J

Pilot & Flying J
Pilot & Flying J

Interesting fact: the operator that manages Pilot and Flying J truck stops is the same. We’re happy to say that they’ve lately made significant improvements to their bathing facilities all around the country. These truck stops have demonstrated that their showering facilities are far more akin to those of a five-star hotel. Some updates that also come with their shower facilities are:

  • Increased size, quality, and thickness of towels
  • Sophisticated tile floors from Sassuolo with accents on vanity walls.

Like many other truck stops, Pilot Flying J Truck Stops also offering you a loyalty program. With every gas tank fill-up, participants obtain a fraction of a shower credit that may be exchanged for a free shower. If you choose Pilot Flying J as your fuel stop and have a long day of driving and need to stop a few times, you can easily earn a free shower. You can use this privilege to save more money during your trip. You can also install their mobile app to find the closest truck stop with showers near me now.

Love’s Travel Stops

Love’s Travel Stops
Love’s Travel Stops

Another excellent option for truck stops near me with shower facility is Love’s. However, you need to pay attention to the kind of Love’s you go to for a shower. Love’s Country Stores, a series of limited-service gas stations, typically lacks on-site showers. Nonetheless, their main truck stop is an excellent place to take a shower. They emphasize a luxurious experience, similar to Pilot Flying J. A code-based automated shower system has been installed at Love’s. With no need to wait in lines or deal with staff, it is simple to have a shower and go. This truck stops is accessible at many regions in the U.S. So, you won’t find any difficulties to find loves truck stop with showers near me.

Love’s Travel Stops also have a mobile app you can use to locate loves truck stop with showers near me. They also offer you with a loyalty program called My Love Rewards. This program will give you a free shower credit for every 50 gallons of fuel you purchase at their fuel pump. This credits for showers expire after a week, so make sure you don’t forget to use it when you can. Drivers may check in for their shower using the Love’s app without going to the checkout area, and it also shows the busiest shower periods throughout the day.

TravelCenters of America (TA)

TravelCenters of America (TA)
TravelCenters of America (TA)

Talking about the top 3 of the best truck stops nationwide, we can’t help but to include TravelCenters of America in it. Unlike the former two who pride themselves for the luxury showering experience, TA is focusing more on comfort aspect. The shower stalls are simple, but you’ll be pampered with their adequate facilities.

Just like the other two, TA truck stops also offer free shower rewards for their loyal customers. When you buy 60 gallons of fuel and sign up for TA’s UltraONE reward program, you can receive a free shower credit. You can easily acquire an infinite number of shower credits if you drive frequently and use a lot of gas or diesel. TA has a solid reputation for having some of the most hygienic showers on the highway, and most of its truck stops come equipped with two towels, a bath mat, soap, and a hairdryer.

You are only permitted one UltraCredit each day, according to the program. Therefore, in order to get the most out of the program, be sure to space out your major fill-ups over a longer period of time than 24 hours. You can also use TruckSmart mobile app to locate the nearest TA truck stop with showers near me now.

Never hesitate to stop by at a truck stop with showers near me the next time you’re traveling by car and need a place to take a shower. They typically have a lot of hot water and strong pressure, and they’re probably cleaner than you expect. Especially, now you’ve known reputable truck stops to go to make your trip experience more wholesame! So, have you tried showering at a truck stop?

How To Take A Truck Stop Shower?

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