Truck Winch Bars

Truck Winch Bars

Truck Winch Bars Already knowwinch bars for sale? Or want know winch bar for flatbed?

If you’ve ever had to pull a truck with out the aid of a winch then you know what a strain it can be on your back. A winch bar is a great solution for handling those jobs that require pulling a heavy load. There are two kinds of winches: free and mounted.

The free winch is attached to the truck and is moved manually, which means you need to steer the truck manually to make sure you don’t end up overshooting or running into obstacles. With the free winch, you just need to stay behind the truck.

Truck Winch Bars

Truck Winch Bars

The disadvantage of the free winch is that it’s easy to overshoot. It may even happen from time to time.

A better solution would be to use a winch bar mounted to the truck. This type of winch is powered by a battery that will help you pull a heavier load with the assistance of a winch cable.

Not only will the winch bar help you get the job done quicker but it will also help you achieve the job more safely because the cable is permanently affixed to the truck. It’s not going to fall off if you’re not paying attention to it.

Truck Winch Bars – winch bars near me

You might wonder how you’ll be able to use a winch cable in the front cargo door, since it’s in your vehicle and not connected to the back. The cable that comes with the winch bar has a free end that hooks up to the rear cargo door, so you can hook the winch bar securely to the door handle, which makes it a safe bet.

Another disadvantage of the free winch is that it doesn’t have a way to disengage it. The winch bar mounted to the truck doesn’t have a brake, but this is easier to control and the cable will disengage automatically when the lever is pulled to the stop.

Truck Winch Bars – winch bar ratchet

Truck winch bars have long travel. They will reach up to a little more than 200 feet and this distance can give the winch with enough power to pull a solid, heavy load. There is a restriction as to how far the cable can extend, but that is beyond the scope of this article.

Truck Winch Bars

Some winch bars can be equipped with different attachments such as electric winches, that will allow you to attach to whatever is in front of the pickup. These tend to work well if you’re doing some kind of landscaping or digging a hole, but they won’t have much impact on work crews who need to carry an empty pallet.

Truck Winch Bars – ancra winch bar

Truck Winch Bars

When you use an extension to mount the winch bar to the truck, you’ll be able to mount it closer to the body of the truck. It’ll be easier to see where the cable is at all times.

You have to be careful about any length of extension that attaches to the back of the truck. You’ll be able to use one of these to extend the length of the cable, but it’s easier to stretch the cable that’s attached to the truck.

The use of winch bars is really a personal choice. If you want to be able to bring a load safely to the vehicle, the winch bar is a great alternative to the free winch.


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