Utility Truck Bed Locks

Utility Truck Bed Locks

Utility Truck Bed LocksTypestrucks.com Already know utility bed lock bar? Or want know reading utility body door latches?

A great many people don’t understand how utility truck bed locks work. If you think that all truck owners use them, you are very wrong.

There are several reasons why truck owners get these locks installed. The most common is to provide extra security for their personal vehicles when they are not using them for business. By doing this, they can be assured that even if they’re on the highway at night, that they won’t be stolen or vandalized.

Utility Truck Bed Locks

Utility Truck Bed Locks

The same goes with the maintenance of the truck and the safety of the driver. When it comes to the maintenance of a truck, there’s an overall need to maintain its cleanliness as well as keep the driver safe at all times.

One can be responsible for both and not have to go through the hardships of being a truck owner. Utility truck bed locks come in a wide variety of types. In general, they are classified into four categories: air-tight seals, cable release, wheel locks, and electronic locks.

Utility Truck Bed Locks – truck body latches

Air Tight Seal – There are many types of air-tight seal. The best known among them are the type that attach the lock to the truck bed via mounting brackets.

Cable Release – There are two types of cables: one that attaches the locks to the vehicle by a hook and one that attaches to the truck’s transmission by a long-reach cable release. One is manually released from the release cord and the other is released by a remote control. Both of them can be manually released.

Utility Truck Bed Locks – stahl utility body door latches

Wheel Locks – Many people today prefer these types of locks to air-tight seals, since the latter are prone to getting damaged when exposed to temperature changes. They can also be difficult to manipulate. The kind of locks that are used for the transmission, however, are easy to use.

Utility Truck Bed Locks

Electronic Locks – These locks, which are referred to as “Electronic Speed Distributors”ESD”, usually have a digital display screen. Most of them can be programmed to be armed and disarmed by the driver, which means that they can be left in place and will not be triggered.

Utility Truck Bed Locks – royal truck body lock cylinder

Utility Truck Bed Locks

Tailgate Latches – These latches can also be equipped with the locking mechanism. Their locking mechanism is done in such a way that the driver doesn’t have to exert any effort to make the latch function.

Rear Door – These are locks that are usually fitted on the back of the vehicle and use a sensor to detect when the vehicle is opened. Then, the opening of the door is done manually.

Different types of locking mechanism

There are two kinds of locking mechanism for the truck bed. The first one is called the “Tight Seal Lock” and is installed on the bed. The second one is called the “Cable Release Lock” and is placed on the transmission.


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