Venta De Camiones Para Food Truck

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Vida De Camiones

Vida de Camiones para Food Truck is a Venezuelan based company which markets itself to people throughout the Americas. They are a hot favourite in both Europe and South America. This article looks at the business which has been operating in Spain since 2020.

The Company operates in Spain, with a base in Madrid, but is now expanding into countries such as Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.

The founders, who live in Venezuela, started their business when they were looking for a way to earn an income while travelling. They learned about the various ways they could source local ingredients for selling on a food truck.

Venta De Camiones Para Food Truck

Venta De Camiones Para Food Truck

The original location of the business was in the south of the country, but has since expanded to include the north and east, and most recently to Uruguay and Paraguay.

It is based in Spain but has also set up a Spanish branch to take advantage of the Latin American market. The sales team consists of three managers and eight sales people.

The business is technically an online business. They do not have a physical place of business. They also have no staff or offices. The team is made up of ten people from four different countries.


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The main aim of the company is to offer products that are distinctively Venezuelan. Their focus is on local ingredients and the production of food that can be made quickly using local ingredients. The restaurant menu is based around food that is made in Venezuela.

Venta De Camiones Para Food Truck – camión de comida en venta méxico

Venta De Camiones Para Food Truck

When you visit Vida de Camiones, you will notice that it has a heavy emphasis on the quality of the ingredients they use. The menu consists of traditional Venezuelan dishes such as beef, chicken, pork, seafood and goat.

The rest of the menu is made up of Spanish dishes such as salads, fruit and vegetable soups, potatoes, pastas and more.

It is clear from their website that they have been working hard to understand the global market and identify what will attract the most visitors and ultimately sell their product.

With a focus on fresh ingredients, it is clear that they have worked hard to ensure that their food is healthy and tasty, and something that is easy to make.

They also sell other products such as cheese, wine accessories on their Vida de Camiones website. They do not make any of their own products, instead they source them from suppliers such as Tarifa, where they can purchase all the ingredients for their restaurants. This has helped them to reach a point where they are very confident of their quality.

Venta De Camiones Para Food Truck – food truck en venta

Venta De Camiones Para Food Truck

Another factor that they have successfully managed to harness is the influence of their mobile food truck. They have done this by building strong relationships with vendors in order to build their supply chain. They are able to source suppliers from their mobile trucks, meaning that their customers can experience their products at very competitive prices.

By keeping a close eye on local events, they have also been able to get involved in a number of different community events, such as soccer games, and Spanish classes. This has provided them with the opportunity to connect with people and build a sense of community.

Venta De Camiones Para Food Truck – florida food truck

Using a mobile food truck has provided them with the opportunity to expand beyond the Venezuelan market. In order to reach the international market, they have opened up a Spanish branch. This has meant that they have become even more popular throughout the Latin American market.

One of the reasons why Vida de Camiones is able to expand its business so quickly is because of their philosophy of using their mobile food truck to serve the needs of the local community. By combining the raw ingredients with effective marketing strategies and quality product, the business has become very successful.

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