Who makes Rivian Truck
Who makes Rivian Truck

Who Makes Rivian Truck? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Back in 2021, Rivian R1T have been featured in every headlines. The newest pick-up truck manufactured by Rivian might be one of the best thing happened last year. But who makes Rivian truck? Discover it here right now at typestrucks.com!

Who makes Rivian truck? The question might arise among people who are not familiar with this car brand yet. In September 2021 last year, an all-electric light duty pick-up truck named Rivian R1T was released to public. It’s probably one of the coolest trucks you ever saw. Especially because the vehicle is 100 percent battery-powered.

It also features four electric motors on each its wheels that can produce torque up to 908 ft-lb. R1T’s futuristic appearance is definitely an eye-catcher. It’s available for about $79,500. Now, if you’re already wondering who is the manufacturer of this truck, and also who makes Rivian truck price, the answer is simple. Rivian R1T is manufactured and released by Rivian Automotive, Inc. This article will show you everything you need to know about this automotive company.

Who makes Rivian Truck?

Who makes Rivian Truck
Who makes Rivian Truck

The newest Rivian R1T is definitely one of the best electric vehicles you can ever imagine. This electric pickup truck boast features ensuring the driver’s safety and comfort during close or even long range trip. Who makes Rivian truck? While some people believe it was manufactured by Ford, it actually isn’t. As a matter of fact, it is manufactured by Rivian itself. Ford’s subsidiary however, supply Rivian with several components, tooling, and engineering experts. Previously, Ford also invested for about $500 million in 2019. Unfortunately, the deal was terminated shortly due to COVID-19 pandemic happened in end of the year. There’s no further news whether they will collaborate in the future. However, both companies remain in good terms.

Rivian also works together with Amazon. In 2019, Amazon invested for about $700 and ordered 1,000 electric vans specifically manufactured by the company. However, if you think Amazon is the one who makes Rivian truck price, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Rivian car company determine their products’ price before its public release. Aside of Amazon and Ford, Rivian also received $350 million investment fund from Cox Automotive, and funding from T. Rowe Price worth about $3 billion.

Rivian’s History & Establishment

Rivian car products might have gained its popularity in recent years. However, the company itself have been around far in 2009. Rivian car company was established by Robert “RJ” Scaringe. Scaringe is a young American entrepreneur and also an engineer. He built the company, previously named Avera Motors before he changed it into Rivian Automotive in 2011. The unique name is inspired from a word play from Indian River located in Florida, which also happens to be a place where Scaringe spent most of his childhood.

Scaringe use a rather unique approach for its products. He’s especially focuses on manufacturing high-functioning vehicles that doesn’t harm the environments. That’s how he lead the company to produce electric SUV cars and trucks with low emissions, in which he is always taking pride of. The very first Rivian car is dubbed as Rivian R1. The car is designed by a British car designer Peter Stevens and aimed for the US market. However, the plan is shortly aborted in 2011 due to Rivian restarted its business and renew its purpose to target much larger market and to bring more impact.

In 2015, Rivian received large sum of investment that makes it grow significantly. The company was able to buy a manufacturing plat in Normal. Apparently, it was formerly owned by Mitsubishi Motors. Later, it become Rivian’s primary manufacturing facility in North America. Around December 2017, the company finally introduced its first two electric products in November 2018 and September 2019 during LA Auto Show. They even managed to recruit Fran Klein to work with the company as their Chief Operations Officer (OOC) started from June 2022.

Due to the rising prices of semiconductors and other car components needed for its products, the Rivian car price rises and gain some backlash from the customers. Responding to the protests, Rivian annonced that the new price won’t be applied for customers who have ordered pre-orders per March the 1st. On September 2022, Rivian formed a joint venture with Mercedes-Benz Group to produce electric vans for the upcoming years.

Sneakpeeks of Recent Rivian Cars

Since day one, Rivian have been driven (no pun intended) to produce electric battery-powered vehicles with autonomous technologies. During several years, Rivian have produced several prototype products of Rivian car and trucks. Below are the newest car and truck models the company have successfully released:

Amazon Electric Van

Amazon Electric Van
Amazon Electric Van

As a main requirement for its investment in Rivian, Amazon required the automaker company to produce around 1,000 electric van units. As a result, the marketplace turned out to be Rivian’s top priority. You might even remember how the Rivian car prototypes making appearance everywhere in Los Angeles. Amazon even sent some of the prototypes to San Fransisco which known with its hilly terrains. Amazon’s plan was to distribute 10,000 van rollout in 16 cities. Fingers crossed you’ll see more of Amazon van made by Rivian next year.

Rivian R1T Pick-Up Truck

R1T released last year was another product launched by Rivian. The newest electric pick-up truck won’t disappoint you. The pick-up truck boast five seats and unique options for the exterior design. It is also equipped with a battery pack offering 300+ miles range complete with three options of battery packs. While it is already launched in June, Rivian started to push the delivery progress during September 2021. With this Rivian car product, the automaker has beaten other established car factories, including Ford, Tesla, and etc. Rivian has immediately becomes the first electric pickup matter. The Rivian car price starts from $79,500.

Now you know who makes Rivian truck. Rivian is undoubtedly one of the most promising automaker of the year. The future where you can travel with electric vehicles might not be too far away. You can expect more modern and futuristic electric cars released by this automaker company in the upcoming year.

Rivian Truck

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